Head Chef Oscar Aguilar

We are proud to have head chef Oscar Aguilar as the main maestro in our kitchen orchestra.


The Station’s Executive Chef Oscar Aguilar hails from El Salvador, where he discovered his passion for food and his enthusiasm for cooking at a young age. He grew up cooking for his family, church, community, and school with his mother and grandmother who taught him traditional methods and recipes. He combines these techniques with thoughtfully sourced local and seasonal Appalachian ingredients to create unique and delicious meals at The Station. Oscar is largely self-taught and is a perfectionist when it comes to the details of presentation that contribute to the occasion of the meal. He has honed his culinary skills while working in multiple acclaimed restaurants in Philadelphia and West Virginia for over fifteen years. His passion for cooking and the pleasure he derives from creating dishes that allow people to fall in love with food have led him work his way up through progressive positions in restaurants until he found his place at the helm of The Station.

The Station

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